FBC is an historic church with a narrative going back to 1867! We hold to the traditional beliefs of conservative Christianity. The Bible is our standard of truth and the monitor of Christ-like living. Although we are sinners, we raise Godís grace as our flag of faith and mercy. He has loved us exactly as we are and thereby quickened our desire to conform to the image of His Son, the Lord Christ! Via sincere repentance that happens daily and hourly, we are experiencing the God-life here in time. Such divine love is overwhelming!


As did the church in the First Century, we have discovered that the church in the Twenty-first Century is still animated by Godís Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity. He gets credit for any good we partner in for His glory. Our togetherness is wonderful even when, humanly, it gets edgy. We have found the formula to include forgiveness and reconciliation. We, the less-than-perfect, are learning the mind of Christ as a roadmap to a borrowed righteousness.


I just wanted you to know some of our beliefs. You deserve that much. We practice an inclusiveness that puts faces of different hues in the pews every Sunday. All are welcomed. All are wanted. May we include you in that gathering one Sunday soon?