July 24, 2014- D-Day for the Latvia Mission Team.



After months of planning and preparing, the time is almost here. Eleven people, 3 of whom we don’t know yet, have been brought together with one mission in mind. For 7 of us, it is a return trip so we look forward with great anticipation to seeing “our” kids whom we grew to love last year. Several of the children at the Day Center have been adopted by team members or Sunday School classes so it will be a joyous reunion when we see how they’ve grown during this last year. Supplies are bought, VBS lessons are prepared, and bags are soon to be packed. Now comes the most important part as we prepare our hearts and mind for the journey and how we will share the love of Christ with these children. With the privilege of returning comes an added responsibility. We have established the relationships and now have the opportunity to really share more of our faith, not only in actions, but in our words as we speak about the One who has brought us to them.


Our family at FBCL has been so faithful in providing for our needs, and we can’t thank them enough for the donations of supplies and money and their encouragement! We know that they will send us off with their prayers and will be praying for us as we’re there. There will be unexpected opportunities and blessings, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for us!


This is an overview of our itinerary for the 11 days. For more information about the trip, please go to orphanoutreach.com You can find the FBCL trip under “Find a Mission Trip”. For information about the orphanage and the Day Center, go to “Countries We Serve” and click on Latvia. You can also see pictures of the children from the Day Center on this site.